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The inspection process went very well. Greg is very knowledgeable in his field. The inspection took about 2 hours for a 4,000 sq. ft. new home for structural, functional, and cosmetic concerns. Crawl space and attic were also inspected, and he found that the water line needs to be elevated off of the ground and properly insulated. He also provided some very helpful tips on maintaining the home. I highly recommend his professional expertise.

Rene Garcia; Kent, WA 98030; October 10, 2014

I have worked with Greg since I started in Real Estate in 2003. He has always provided a great value to my clients as well as myself.

I have found him to be honest,with great integrity and very knowledgeable.

I would, and do recommend Greg to my clients with great confidence.

Pam Marzano, Your Realtor for Life

Greg was very professional and friendly. He pointed out and explained information that will save me from major issues in the future. This is my first inspection, so he was very patient and ensured I fully understood what was going on. After the inspection he provided me a nice binder of information containing a "Homeowners Handbook" with his card. This binder has information on upkeep for my home plus terms and meanings, related to my home. Very professional.

The sellers agreed to correct the issues and I'm a happy buyer.

Greg also extended his great customer service after the inspection, as I had a couple questions. Although his job was done, he was there to be of help.

Ron Manning; October 14, 2016

Excellent. Identified problems that needed to be addressed. Very professional and thorough. Identified all of the things I knew might be problems, as well as several other things that I would have never noticed. He was polite, knowledgeable and did a comprehensive inspection from top to bottom, inside and out.

Leigh Hennig; March 31, 2017

He was very good. He went through everything and found a lot of issue wrong with the property I was buying. He was very courteous, dressed professionally and was a good inspector. I would use him again he goes through everything. He found cracks in walls, windows not sealed, roof not sealed a ton of rot and several other things. The whole back half of the Mobil was rotten and the septic tank also needed replaced. He had your back and saved me a ton of heart ache. I would not have been able to fix the things that was wrong with it. Great company and very nice guy. He is well worth your money and I would use him again. Thanks for your hard work Greg I appreciate it.

Patricia Fry; March 27, 2018

For anybody looking at flyers or looking for reviews on social media or websites just stop and call Greg and get the job done right. He is very knowledgeable in construction and inspection and will spend the time he needs to get the job done right and complete. Greg will then explain his findings and what steps to take next. You will also receive his full report in an email to print at your leisure which will be full of his findings and so much information about YOUR home. Keep it simple and get it done right with Greg.

Ross Loeffebein; May 3, 2018

Excellent job from start to finish. We were lucky to be able to hire him during the busy home buying season. Wife was hesitant to hire a house inspector since purchasing a model home from a builder with a good reputation. Glad I was able to convince her it is worth doing. We received an excellent report detailing results of inspection, including pictures of his findings, within a day of the examination being complete. Was able to use that to provide a list of items we wanted the seller to repair

Richard Ausem; June 11, 2018

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