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Surelock Homes Inspection Company is a premier company with expertise, integrity, experience and professional training serving home owners throughout Western Washington since 1996. Each client is provided with a concise, easy to read, professional report with digital photos, pest report, and a summary page, thus allowing the client to make an informed decision about the property being inspected.

Inspections take an average of 2 to 3 hours. A brief verbal summary which will includes viewing photos taken at site is shared with client while at the site. Within 24 hours a computer generated report with a summary, pest report, and photos is email to the prospective buyer as well as the buyer’s real estate agent. The reports are easy to read and Surelock Home Inspection Company is also eager to answer any questions.

To Schedule an inspection:

  • Browse Surelock Home Inspection website
  • Print the conditions limitations documents (next page), review, sign and bring on the day of the inspection
  • Call: 253-219-3460 or email
  • Be prepared to enjoy a stress free, professional inspection.
  • Pricing: Inspection fees are competitive for the level of service and knowledge delivered to the client. Factors considered in the home inspection fee schedule include the size and age of the building, the presence of a garage, crawl space, and additional buildings, and the number of dwelling units. Please call or email for a price quote. Inspections are paid for at the time of the service

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