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Most people know the benefit of hiring a professional home inspector to inspect a home that they are considering purchasing. Depending on what source you research, between 75 to 90 percent of homes sold are professionally inspected prior to purchase.

But the benefit of hiring a home inspector does not stop at the purchase of a home. There are many other ways to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of Surelock Homes Inspection Co.

  1. Pre-buyer inspection - Of all the financial transactions we do in our life time, the buying of a home is the most expensive and perhaps the most stressful. With financial tractions costing as much and more than a half of a million dollars, a home inspection from Surelock Homes Inspection Co. is a very small investment giving both the buyer and the agent a peace of mind.
  2. Pre-sale inspections - Pre-sale home inspections have gained in popularity as the home inspection profession continues to grow. Knowing the conditions of the home that you own prior to putting it on the market provides the homeowner the opportunity to discover and make necessary repairs that will benefit the sale of the home.

    If repairs are not desired, then knowing the present conditions can be beneficial in obtaining a fair marketable value of the home. Many realtors recommend having a pre-sale home inspection performed as a strategy to present the home in the best marketable condition.
  3. Maintenance inspections - As a professional home inspector, I see many faults in homes every day, which if identified early would not have grown into a major problem. Preventative maintenance is necessary in all areas of a home.

    From keeping all exposed wood siding and trim well painted and caulked, cleaning out the rain gutters t, lubricating door locks to removing moss build-up on asphalt shingle roofs, a small amount of maintenance will help preserve the home and your investment. Doing regular monthly maintenance will also prevent costly repairs in the future .

    Most home inspectors can provide a consultation service to identify areas of the home that are in need of preventative maintenance. This service can sometimes be contracted on a yearly basis if desired.
  4. On-site consultations - Do you know what that noise is that occurs when the plumbing is operated (water hammer), what that smell is coming from below the back room (mold) or what is causing that sooty stain on the wall (burning candles)?

    Surelock Homes Inspection Co. will come to a home at an hourly rate to identify the concerns of a homeowner. Home inspectors see all kinds of problems every day and can usually rule out many assumed possibilities to quickly pin-point the true cause of the problem.
  5. Repair evaluations - Are you concerned with the way your last roof replacement or plumbing repair was completed? If so, then hiring a home inspector to provide an unbiased opinion of the repairs may be worthwhile.

    Surelock Homes Inspection Co. can provide documentation and photos of the repairs and point out if short-cuts were taken or if the job was done to normal construction standards. If you have doubts about your latest repair project then an unbiased and fair evaluation by a professional home inspector may be of value.
  6. Other services - Lead testing, Asbestos testing, Roof Inspections.

    As a seasoned home inspection company, Surelock Homes Inspection Co. has gained an incredible amount of knowledge of what does or does not work in residential and commercial construction.
  7. Other services - Warranty Inspection

    A warranty inspection is perform much like a typical home inspection. The warranty is complete within the parameters of the builder's home warranty as extended to the purchaser. Propose of the warranty inspection is to protect home owner investment and make any necessary correction to any building deficiency as well as protect the home owner.

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